Laying the Foundations

It’s so easy to wake up each morning and think about things that are lacking in life as opposed to the endless things that you can be grateful for- at least that’s what I used to think.

To put it quite simply, gratitude saved my life. At a time where I had the choice to spiral downwards or soar upwards I chose to soar. It takes more effort and mindfulness but it is worth it. It inspired me to start this blog. I want to share my gratitude for this beautiful earth with the wonderful earthlings that inhabit it (you).

I dedicate my first blog post to one particular earthling. She is the most open-minded, self-assured, non-judgemental friend I have. You can see us in the Instagram-worthy image above looking majestic and bendy. What you don’t see is the palaver it took to get that photo using my sandal as a prop, the 10-second timer on my less-than-professional phone camera, and the screeches of “You’ll have to press it- it takes me longer than 10 seconds to even get in this position!” She really is a delight.

That morning we were practicing our improvised yoga on the beach. I say improvised because neither of us really know what we’re doing, or even if we’re doing it right, but it feels good and it’s classed as exercise so we’re not complaining. Of course, the weather was also in our favour (so unusual for Britain, right?) and so another thing to be grateful for. We were also taking advantage of the gorgeous location right on our doorstep! Already that’s a lot of things to be grateful for: good friends, healthy bodies, amazing weather and locations- and I was only supposed to write about one grateful thought!

So there it is, my first post.

Now tell me, what are you grateful for today?

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