How to yoga, when you think you can’t

Okay, so you don’t drink herbal tea or devote yourself to veganism whilst throwing your supple limbs around like a graceful gazelle. That doesn’t mean you don’t fit the ‘yoga mould’ because truth is, there is no yoga mould.

I don’t fit this preconception of what yoga ladies ‘should’ be. I’m not the slender body type that goes on the yoga advertisements and my legs are not 100 miles long. Actually, they are quite short and muscular (just how I like them for my snowboarding- thank you very much).

These days rugby players, OAPs, disabled people, students, skiiers, mums, dads, surfers, doctors, etc, etc, etc take part in their own little way. Maybe a decade ago they wouldn’t have thought twice about it- but times are changing friends! You can do it inside, outside, hot, cold, right-way-round or upside down or any other way that works for you.

I never thought yoga would be for me, I didn’t think it made me sweat enough. But when an injury left me with little other sports to do I thought I may as well give it a go. What can I say? The biggest change I noticed was actually in my mental wellbeing afterwards, each practice gives me a lovely wave of calm which makes it perfect for any time of day too!

If you think you can’t do yoga I suggest you look up ‘corpse pose’ as the picture above (official term: Savasana) which you probably do every day already.

So, now that you now yoga is in fact for you, here are my tips for getting into it if you’ve never done it before.

  1. Youtube Yoga Vloggers

Yoga with Adrienne is my personal favourite, but there are so many vloggers to choose from. There are yoga videos for beginners, yoga for cyclists, yoga for anxiety, yoga for happiness- you name it, there’s a yoga video for it. And they’re not all handstanding on your pinky whilst balancing a tea set on the soles of your feet- they can be so simple to follow but so beneficial for your mind (and body of course). There are videos that are just 5 minutes long to over an hour long- it’s up to you how much time you want to dedicate to your practice. This is my preferred method as I can just watch the video in my own home without worrying about going arse over tit with somebody watching (not that that has ever happened).

  1. Local Class

It’s taking over the world, and so there’s probably a class near your town or city. I’ve been to a few classes and the teacher makes or breaks it for me. I prefer the relaxed, creative approach as opposed to anything else, but each to their own! You can find classes by a simple google search. What I did like about the classes was the sheer diversity in the people who turned up. Yoga teachers tend to add a ‘relaxation’ section at the end, which is so good. However, one guy did end up falling asleep and disrupted everyone else’s relaxation with his snoring! It did make quite an entertaining end to the class though… I reiterate – yoga is for everyone.

  1. Improvise!

Another way to get started is to just improvise! You do stretches that feel good. Have a little image search on google and try to imitate the positions… like I say ‘corpse pose’ is dead easy (Ha! I love a good pun), as is mountain pose, cat-cow, downward facing dog, etc.  Me and my yoga buddy tend to just grab a towel and get going with stretches that feel really nice as you can see here– just take it slow and remember to breathe! Yoga is creativity with your body.

Today’s question is, which method will you choose?

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