#transformationTuesday & things

Tuesdays used to be my least favourite day of the week. Doing the 9-5 grind- it was a bit of a ‘nothing day’ and nowhere near the Friday finishing line. Nowadays I’m not wishing away my life and very much attempting to live in the present moment and appreciate the fact that every morning I  do actually wake up… it’s easy to forget sometimes that many people don’t.

But, enough doom and gloom. I’m high-jacking the popular hashtag #transformationtuesday but not in the traditional sense. I do love a good body transformation photo, but the most valuable transformations in my opinion are those of the mind! (Oooh, I hear you say, how exciting and mysterious, whatever do you mean by that and how to I make an Instagram photo of it?)

Well this is not about making something ‘Instagram worthy’… it’s not a gimmick. It’s a real, authentic, transformation of your Tuesday blues.

Today I want you to do the thing….

…you know, the thing….

…your thing and my thing may be completely different….

…. (No, I’m not talking anatomy here) …

…I’m talking about that thing you do, that requires a bit of effort on your part, but bloody hell it makes you feel untouchable afterwards! So accomplished, so superior, so divine! And most of all, so happy.

What are you still reading for?! Go do your thing!

Go for that run, walk in the rain (or sun if you’re not in the UK), bake the cake, write the story, paint the picture, lift the heaviest goddamn weights you’ve ever lifted in your entire life and get a PB in the process – whatever your thing is just make sure you go do it.

Do it today. Do it now (if you can).

And afterwards tell me, what is your thing?


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