Key Life Lesson

Change is inevitable. It’s a simple fact of life. But instead of fearing it, I’m embracing it.

Security is a lie I used to tell myself to ward off the fear that comes with change. Everything in my life was ‘secure’ (it wasn’t). Even job security is a myth- you could lose your job at any time (theoretically). The problem with this cosy layer of security that we drape on everything is that when change does inevitably strike we are left feeling fearful and anxious for the future outcome.

Lots of meditative practices shift the focus from repelling change to embracing change for peace of mind, and I see the logic in that. If we can accept change before change has even happened then we have peaceful reactions to them instead of emotionally charged reactions.

Last weekend I took advantage of one of the free events going on in my city. They were reviving the old buses of the past for various iconic bus journeys to the city centre and to the seaside. It was lovely to see the old red double-deckers gleaming – probably cleaner now than in their heyday. And it was even lovelier to sit on the top deck and see the journey along the coastline from a different perspective.

But do you know what wasn’t good? I’ll give you a clue: suspension has come a heck of a long way since they were running around!

And it made me realise something… someone is looking after my tush! I thank those scientists and engineers that progressed change (in this instance: suspension) to make my life more comfortable.

I am grateful for change, change is good. 

You want a metaphor to go with that? Sure. See that ball I’m holding down there? That’s the ball of change. And see what I’m doing with it? I’m embracing it.

What changes are you grateful for today?

*Embracing the ball of change*

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