The Most Powerful Words in Our Vocabulary

I am sorry.

These are the singular most important words in my vocabulary other than ‘thank you’. They are loaded with so much more than ‘sorry’. They are loaded with ‘I love you, I am grateful that I have you in my life, I understand that I have hurt you and I don’t like hurting you, you are important to me.’

Why do I say this? Because I realised a few years ago how saying sorry is a sign of strength not weakness, and it takes more courage to apologise than to react in any other way. It’s laying your feelings bare, it’s showing somebody that you care enough not to let them go.

I am grateful for everyone in my life who has forgiven me, and given me another chance to be a better version of myself. I know I can have a razor-sharp tongue (I’m working on it) and I can be so hurtful with my retaliations when I am hurt myself. People, I am sorry, and thank you, thank you, thank you for forgiving me every single time… it is so very much appreciated.

I realise it also takes so much courage to forgive. Both sides of this coin are equally vulnerable. Personally, I have never regretted forgiveness (although at times it has been hard to reach that point). Even if I am hurt time and time again, I will forgive. Because forgiveness means love, growth and peace.

Time to let go of those grudges and radiate love, agreed?


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