Making Money from Mess

Hey, so remember when I said stuff is just stuff and I vowed to start living a more simplistic lifestyle? Well, that’s going really well. In fact, I am finding it so easy to empty my room of the materialistic stuff I would have once placed a lot of egotistical value onto I’m going to share with you one of the amazing ways I’ve found to do it.

If, like me, you have accumulated a pretty hefty book collection and most of these are in decent nick there’s a really good website you can send them off to and get a little money back for the trouble!

It’s called

Granted, they won’t accept all books, I mean can you imagine the sheer amount of recycled Fifty Shades of Grey that are going around?! But for some of the less popular ones, and textbooks in particular, they offer a decent price- at least they did for me.

I didn’t have to pay for postage, they even have the option to pick up from a location of your choice. All I did was scan them online, box them up, print of the label they gave me, and drop them off at one of the Hermes pick-up points which were shown on a map on their website.

I hear that they do next day pay straight to your bank account too! I shall keep you posted on that one.

All in all, I managed to sell on about 1/3 of my book collection, the rest will be donated to my local library. The money I get for them will, needless to say, be added to my ‘experiences fund’.

Once again, there are so many things I can be grateful for in this situation! I’m grateful for how connected our world and services are, I’m grateful people still want to buy books, I’m grateful mine will get a new lease of life instead of collecting dust on the bookshelf, I’m grateful I’ve topped up my fund a little which takes one step closer to my next adventure, I could go on and on.

What amazing ways have you found to revive your unused stuff? Let me know in the comments section.

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