Gratitude Challenge #3 – MONEY!

Stop feeling bad about money.

Money is great, let’s be honest. When we have it, we are happy, when we spend it, we are happy – yet for some reason the entire concept of money has been tarnished with negativity. You have likely heard phrases along the lines of ‘rich people are greedy’ or ‘money is the root of all evil’. These are lies- all lies. It’s time to change the relationship we have with money by being grateful for it and ultimately attracting more of it into our lives.

Today I have a challenge for you, which will start a habit in your brain of positive association when you think of money – after all you deserve all of the money you desire.

I want you to be truly grateful for everything that money is doing for you in your life, right now. How? Well, here’s a few tips:

  • How many times have you mindlessly purchased something? Especially with the snazzy new ways to buy using contactless or even with your mobile or watch! Anytime you buy something today, say a little thank you to the universe (in your head or out loud) for how happy and grateful you are that you had the money for your purchase. Even if it’s a tiny purchase- say your thanks.


  • Every time you use a service today – like running water, charging your phone, turning on the central heating, take note that you have paid good money for those services and it was money well spent. Look how you can pour yourself a cup of refreshing water whenever you want… or turn on a lamp to see better… be grateful you have the means to pay for these services. Give them your full attention and appreciation.


  • Every time you receive a discount or something for free, my God, thank you the hell out of it! The more gratitude you show, the more free/discounted stuff you’ll bring into your life. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘the more money you make the more you get for free’ – why do you think that is?! Gratitude. That is all. This applies in work too, are you paying for your office/transport/computer/tools/coffee/etc? Probably not! Are you grateful for it? You sure are now.


That’s just to get you started. You might think you’re being ridiculous by thanking thin air but the universe is on your side my friend. These are the first steps for a positive relationship with money – and there’s no shame in that.

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