Every Day is Mother’s Day

My mother is a saint.

I will be the first to admit I have taken her for granted in the past, but for the majority of my adulthood I’ve taken a more mature stance (I hope).

Today, on the first day of her annual leave and just a day before she’s off for a well-deserved holiday to Spain, she woke up with me at 5am to sell and haggle away my stuff at 6am in the terrible weather. She literally had nothing to gain from it other than to help me out. Imagine, giving up your Saturday morning, after a long working week, to stand in the windy Welsh weather and haggle with buyers about stuff that isn’t even yours for money you won’t even get (I’ll pay you back in love Mammy, I swear).

Neither of us have ever done a boot sale before, and it was an experience to say the least! But having my mum by my side made it one of the funniest mornings I’ve had in a while. We knew, purely by the gradual frizziness of my hair, that sooner or later it was going to bucket it down- and we were right! But she stayed with me right until the last moment.

I am almost certain, that this will not be the only post I write with a little nod of gratitude towards my mum, but for today Mam this is for you- thank you, thank you, thank you for being the absolute best!

I hope this inspires you to appreciate your own mother figure in your life!


P.S. As I am writing this, she is on the floor shortening and sewing my jeans! She’s a gift that keeps on giving. I really am so lucky to have her.

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