6 Ways To Beat a Bad Mood

Despite living an exceptionally fortunate life, I can sometimes still let bad thoughts take over the reins of my mind and ride my thoughts into a downward spiral. But recently, in an effort to stay on the lighter, more mindful side of life, I have figured out ways to instantly change my mood from negative to positive. I think these tips are pretty universal so I thought I would share them in the hope of giving you some helpful ways to beat the blues too! Here goes…


Music is this incredible, almost indescribable, blessing we have in our lives. There is a song for every occasion, but I suggest staying away from the ballads in times of negativity and instead opt for those songs that really want to make you move. I’m so happy there are so many talented musicians out there creating amazing tunes to dance around like a lunatic to! Sometimes I just can’t help myself, it starts with a jig of the shoulder to the beat and before I know it it’s like the song takes over every part of me. Bad mood? What bad mood?!


Sing in the car, sing in the shower, sing in the kitchen, sing anywhere you want! This is a sub-category of music but I thought it deserved a little segment of its own. For me, sometimes singing just releases this amazing mass of energy I hold on to, afterwards I feel like I’ve lost about a stone in weight of worry! I don’t care if you’re tone-deaf, if the music takes you- belt that sh*t out.


Remember that gratitude challenge? 10 things you’re grateful for in your life right now. This has a surprising instantaneous effect on my mind. Sometimes a bit of perspective is all you need to get over that niggling negativity. I try to do this on a daily basis, regardless. It’s a great way to start the day.

Your thing

That thing you love to do that you struggle to find time for. Well, your health is important you know! And a happy brain counts towards your health- so do your thing. My thing is exercise. What’s yours? Painting? Cleaning? Walking? Writing? Baking? Meditating? Whatever it is, you know you’ll feel better afterwards so quit the excuses, get that thing done.


This might seem like a ridiculous tip… but it genuinely works. You might not feel like smiling at all, but I suggest you do. You see, your brain associates good things with smiling, so by doing this process in reverse (smiling first) your brain will automatically start thinking of reasons to smile! Pretty cool, right?

Hang out with those people

Some people have this gravitational effect, don’t they? You can’t help but feel good about yourself and everything else when you are with them. It could be that they are guaranteed to make you laugh, or maybe they are so unaffected by life’s troubles you can feel that attitude rub off on you too. So go ahead, drop them a message. Make some time for them, you know it will be time well spent.

Every day is a blessing! Time to become aware of those thoughts that hold us back from being our happiest, most loving selves.

What ways do you shake off a bad mood?


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