I know why you are unhappy

The soul exists. You can tsk and scoff at me all you like but it does exist. It is the navigator of your feelings, did you know that? When your soul’s purpose and the rest of you are in sync, you radiate happiness and fulfilment. When you’re not listening to those subtle, internal feelings and going against them for whatever reason, that’s when a gradual but deep sense of unhappiness takes hold. It can take years. Why do so many people suffer midlife crises? Well, they have gone against the grain of their soul for so long they finally have enough and do anything, anything to feel alive again.

Think of your soul as an actual object travelling in one direction, now think of your judgements (gained from society, family, the ‘right’ thing to do) as an object that is travelling too. If both of these are travelling in the same direction, hurrah, you feel content and happy living your life’s purpose. BUT, if your soul is going one way and your judgements are going in the opposite direction, you are literally grinding them together causing friction. All of this is going on inside of you, so you end up with inner-turmoil and what feels like no way out.

This is never the case. The choice is always yours to listen to your soul- you deserve to be happy. So how do you know what your soul’s purpose is? I would suggest a little quiet time, to reflect on the following:

  • Your passions
  • The last time something made you feel truly alive
  • If money were no object, what would you be doing?
  • Your time is precious. What activities do you genuinely love spending time on?


If the answers to these questions greatly differ from what you are experiencing daily, then it is time to re-asses. Because happiness does not come from your job, your partner, or any other external factor. Happiness comes from you and only you. It starts with gratitude and it continues by listening to your soul and making changes to realise what really makes you tick.

You might have come to the end of this post thinking I am an absolute loony and need to be carted off to the loony bin- however, recently I learned how to listen to my soul. Since doing so, I have managed to make it to New Zealand (a childhood dream) with barely any money (really), and with the full support of my family and friends (which seemed impossible). You can close this page and get back to your existence, or you can close this page and start changing your life for the better.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my soul, but in the meantime- what makes your soul sing?

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