Hangover Cure!

Remember when I told you that yoga cured my headache? Well, I have another revelation for you- hiking cures hangovers! Last night was my first night of drinking in New Zealand. I don’t make a habit of drinking too much these days but in the spirit of celebrating a new adventure I joined in with my very welcoming hosts.

I had a great night getting to know everyone, although it was at the detriment of my sleep. When I saw the sun streaming in from the gap curtains this morning I knew I had a choice to make. I could cocoon myself under the blankets and watch endless movies with my comrades and probably feel a steady decline in productivity, motivation, and general energy or I could explore my new surroundings and take advantage of the clear weather!

Seeing as it has been pretty cloudy since the day I arrived I was excited to see Wanaka from new heights!

Don’t get me wrong, the assent was an absolute mission. I forgot water, did not dress appropriately, struggled to find a rhythm, and swallowed down my breakfast again a few times… but the spectacular views were so worth it.

Once I arrived at the summit I completely forgot about my ailing symptoms, I felt so happy and refreshed! And all of the Kiwis I met along the way were the nicest people ever- again! Why are these people so nice?!

It’s moments like those that remind me how truly blessed I am every day. I am so, so, so grateful for these opportunities and my ability to do them – no matter how much alcohol consumed the night before.

Stay grateful people! And tell me, how do you overcome a hangover?

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