Hold on to your passions

Sunrise at Cardrona

When was the last time you felt alive? Really alive. Not just going through the motions of existence.

Life is all about feeling alive. Otherwise what’s the point? I don’t believe we are here to learn any ‘lessons’ or redeem any ‘eternal sin’. We are here to enjoy ourselves, feel damned good and make the most of our human experience. Of course, we wouldn’t know these incredible emotions unless we experienced their polar opposites (that’s the logic behind the lows- embrace them too).

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be living my dream- I wouldn’t have believed you. Today I went snowboarding, with friends, in a stunning part of the world. I stood on the top of the mountain in Cardrona, New Zealand, watching the sunrise, and I took an intake of breath and an exhale of gratitude for the life that I have chosen.

My point today is keep hold of your passions. Don’t let them go. Set as much time aside for them as you can. Make choices in your life that allow you to live through your passions as much as you can. You know they are your passions because they fill you with exhilarating highs that you can ride on for hours, sometimes days! It is so easy to increase your gratitude for life and ultimately raise your vibration when you make time for your passions.

Gratitude is easily lost when we become swept away by commitments, daily tasks, typically ‘mundane’ chores. But you can be grateful for those moments too because they give you a real indication about what feels good in your life.

I’ve been riding the highs and the lows for the past few months and I have never felt so in control of the direction my life is going. It’s going up and up. Because that is what I choose. I choose every day to be happy, grateful and to make time for my passions.

Now you tell me, what passions are you grateful for?

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