Find wonder (again)


Not so long ago I went through a time of feeling like I was wading through stagnated water. The water was my life and it was so thick I was wading in circles. I was searching for happiness as if it would appear in a floating bottle coming towards me like a gift from God in a vast expanse of ocean. This may seem a bit hyperbolic but I want you to get an image of how I was feeling in my head. I was stuck and losing energy, the stagnant water could have pulled me under. Chances are, if you are reading this, you may be feeling the same. More commonly known as ‘stuck in a rut’.

Here’s what I learned from the experience: happiness isn’t bottled.

It’s not going to come to you nicely gift wrapped and it’s not a destination.

It is a way of being and it is the key to feeling a genuine love and wonder for life (again). You experienced this wonder as a child, no doubt. New things were wonderful, not predictable, people were interesting and caricatured. You could sit in a small garden for an age, finding new things to observe with wonderment; bugs, worms, a blade of grass, the clouds, etc etc! What happened to your wonderment? What happened to mine? Everything in this world is so balanced to a ridiculous degree- we are a floating ball of water doing circles around a fireball with a big mass of moon controlling our tides for Christ’s sake! And that’s a vague description of earth. What about the ever-expanding universe? How much more wonderment can we take?

It is with perspective we can find this wonder again. Take a moment (or five) today to find your perspective again. When you return to your normal state of being I guarantee your problems will feel less daunting, your appreciation of your own miracle existence will increase, your stress levels will feel lower and you’ll be ready for whatever today brings.

Here are your instructions

  1. Set a timer on your phone – 5 minutes should do it but you can set this to your own preference.
  2. Sit comfortably, in a position you’re less likely to fidget. I know that I like to be warm and cosy when I take these moments for myself, so I sit close to something warm with a nice blanket.
  3. Close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your breath just for a few moments. Check in with your body. Get comfy.
  4. Here comes the fun part. Think of someone or something you hold so much love for. It could be a person, a pet, a location- just something that makes you feel a burst of love that you feel like you can barely contain.
  5. Hold the image in your mind for a few moments, harness that feeling. See it as a ball of light in your chest.
  6. Visualise the feeling, the light, expanding beyond your body, beyond your immediate surroundings, beyond your town, your country, your continent.
  7. Before you know it, your love is engulfing the wonderful earth we inhabit. Your love is literally hugging the world. Your magnificent world.
  8. Hold on to the love, the wonder, until your timer is up or until you feel ready to re-emerge.

Now open your eyes. Wow. Was the world around you always this lovely?

This is the power of the mind. You may think that because it was solely done in your mind it isn’t real- it is real!

Now take that smile on your face, that warmth that is radiating from your body, into your day or night. Feel it everywhere you go.


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