When it rains you can watch TV or you can…

Or you can rekindle something magical. Something you let drift away a long time ago because society told you to or somebody had a better idea of how to spend your time.

But there’s only so long that magical something will lie dormant. Whether it’s today or 60 years from now, eventually it will kick and scream its way out of that shell you put it in and it will take over you as an urge you simply cannot repress any longer.

I love to paint. I don’t know if it’s the heart-warming memories I have painting alongside my grandfather or just the feeling of mixing the colours, getting my hands all messy, focusing on creating something, anything. I just love to paint! Somewhere along the line, somebody told me (probably myself) that I wasn’t good enough and I should probably spend my time and resources doing something more useful. And so, I put down the brushes and focussed on a couple of other things that didn’t quite give me the same satisfaction as holding a paint brush in my hand and creating.

I recently read a book, it’s called Big Magic by the same woman that wrote Eat, Pray, Love. She thinks that inspiration is a living thing, each idea its own entity looking for a human collaborator. If you’re not open to it, or even aware of it, it may stick around for a little while but then it will bugger off and find somebody who is open to create and express that idea. What a lovely way to think about inspiration, don’t you think? It makes sense how writers think other writers steal their ideas, when really, they just didn’t do anything about it so that little idea went and found an author that would.

Elizabeth Gilbert.jpg

There’s another story in the book about a woman in her forties. She gets to the point in her life where she can’t remember the last time she felt truly magical and alive. That’s what we’re all striving for isn’t it? The exhilarating feelings we get from those things that really make us tick. So, at forty years old, despite not doing so for decades, she decides to go figure skating again. Not because she would win any trophies or compete, simply because the last time she felt those feelings were in her teenage years- figure skating! She ignored that voice inside her telling her she was too old, or too this or too that, she didn’t quit her day job she just re-discovered that icing to her cake and went figure skating three mornings a week.

Whether you like it or not you are a creative being. It’s in your nature. If you have ever grilled cheese on toast, or sewn a button back on to a shirt, or doodled, or sang, or danced or anything – you are expressing a creative energy inside yourself desperate to come out at every opportunity.

Today is my day off, and it is a little bit wet and drizzly outside, but instead of switching on the TV and wasting a couple of hours, inspiration came knocking and I listened.

I should say I haven’t painted anything in years. I can’t even tell you why. Fear? Fear of rejection? Fear of wasting my time? Fear of the end result. I don’t know. But I’m in a new phase of my life where I am now open to receive- ideas, inspiration, abundance, enlightenment- everything.

And so I painted. And I had a wonderful morning. And I thanked the universe for the time, resources and inspiration. Because I created something lovely. It’s not perfect (maybe not to you anyway) but I’m proud of it.  I decided to call it

‘I am to the universe as a wave is to an ocean’

I would like you to write a list. A list of every creative title you want, and I want you to say thank you for the inspiration after each one. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving ideas from everywhere- because you are sending out the signal you are ready and open to receive.

Here’s a shortened version of my list to help you out:

I am a painter

I am a writer

I am a sketcher

I am a cook

I am a singer

I am a yoga enthusiast

I am a baker

I am a dancer

I am a teacher (yes, this a creative expression too)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration

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