Why bother being grateful?

There is a very simple answer to this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- happiness isn’t a destination. Happiness is the here and now if you so choose. People who are happy didn’t follow a metaphorical yellow brick road to their destination, they simply choose to be happy each day when they wake up.

Sure, there are bumps in the road, but do you know what overcomes every single bump? Gratitude.

Genuinely. If you can wake up each morning feeling grateful for all you have and all that is coming to you, and really feeling genuine gratitude, you’ll be one of those people that can’t shake off their smugness for their bountiful lives. I’ve turned into one of those people. I just can’t stop smiling.

It’s not a circumstantial thing, it’s got nothing to do with money or luck or education. It is a choice. There are homeless people in this world that are blissfully happy and multi-millionaires crippled with depression.

But what about if I wake up and stub my toe? Be grateful you have a toe to stub and you can feel pain! Because without pain how would you even know pleasure? What if I am out of a job and I don’t have an income anymore? Did you read my post on being unemployed? There’s gratitude to be had in every situation. What if I lose a loved one or a beloved pet? Then you know love in its truest form and that is the most beautiful aspect of life itself.

Every situation has a silver lining- heck every situation has 10 silver linings! And if everything in your life is fine and dandy then appreciate it. Wake up with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart because there is nothing closer to peace than gratitude.

Today I want you to say thank you, be it in your head or out loud, for every privilege in life you take for granted. When you brush your teeth, say thanks for the fresh, clean running water that seems to come like magic from your tap. When you tuck yourself into bed say thanks that you have a bed that gives you rest every night. When you turn on the light, say thanks for electricity- an absolute wonder you use every day for all kinds of reasons. When you boil an egg, roast a joint, choose a snack, say thanks that you have easy access to food every single day.

There is a simple correlation between gratitude and happiness… I can’t wait for you to discover that for yourself.

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