You won’t even want that dessert after this salad…

Salad before

I am a self-confessed sweet toothed sugar machine. I have a sweet tooth and it’s undeniable. I never really liked salads growing up, but pretty soon I realised it was because I never made my own salad, with ingredients that I really like. And so, a salad was never an appetising option for me at restaurants or cafes. But things started changing when I started taking control of my own eating and all of a sudden, I was addicted to salads- simply because I was choosing what went in them.

So here is my Salad for the Sweet-toothed. Which will sweeten you up so much you won’t even need that sugary dessert.

  • About 2 cups of leafy greens (I like baby leaf greens, but if you prefer the crunchy stuff – be my guest!)
  • A handful of sweetcorn
  • Piccolo tomatoes- those little small ones that are super delicious
  • Mixed beans (no not Heinz baked, more like kidney beans or chickpeas even!)
  • A drizzle of olive oil (I hear it’s good for digestion)
  • The magic ingredient – Balsamic glaze (not balsamic vinegar)
  • OPTIONAL: I eat fish twice a week and so I sometimes like to add a small tin of tuna into the mix- no mayo needed trust me


And that’s it! So much goodness and sweetness all at once, give it a toss and you’re good to go. A glass of water on the side goes well, however I usually finish off with a lemon tea.

But remember I only discovered I liked salads after experimenting for myself. So I encourage you to do the same, be adventurous with your ingredients and enjoy the results.

Salad after.jpg


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