Pay the farmers now, not the doctors later

I am so done with playing by someone else’s rules. It’s time to take responsibility people. Responsibility for what we are shovelling into our gaping mouths every day. I am as guilty of this as anyone- eating food that doesn’t even resemble food anymore (I am so partial to a bourbon biscuit it’s unreal). We are like bird hatchlings waiting with our mouths open for the food industry giants to decide what we eat. They are deciding to feed us cheap, modified, unrecognisable foods often obtained through cruelty or questionable standards. And we are gulping it all down. Because it’s cheap, and it’s so full of fats and sugars our brains think it’s great.

As of today, I promise to change my eating habits. You know the big birds are really sensitive to our changing needs don’t you? Because if we’re no longer buying the cheap and nasty products, then there’s no demand for it… and they’re losing money. Their priority will always be profits, so it’s down to us to show them what we really want. It’s more expensive, yes- but would you not rather pay the environmentally friendly, organic, cruelty-free farmers now rather than the medical bills later?

Okay, granted the UK has a free health service, but do you really want to rely on that? Especially with the massive political changes that have been ongoing these past few years… what if the NHS is privatised by the time you have eaten your arteries to gunk and your pancreas to retirement? Wouldn’t you rather take care of what you’re putting inside your body now and reap the benefits later?

We are nothing without our health. Ask anybody.

This is not about dieting, although it probably will help with that too. It’s about showing gratitude for the beautiful abundant planet that provides us with all of the nutrients we need. It’s gratitude for your strong and wonderful body that deserves the best chance to help you live up to your potential.


Who’s with me?

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