Have you actually found your soul mate?

When did the term ‘soul mate’ become a relationship gimmick?

Maybe I am single and bitter, or maybe I simply have a wider perspective. Either way, hear me out.

Ah, soul mate. The emblazoned term embellished over rom-coms and chic-lits since the dawn of time. But how can it be, that there are 7+ billion human souls on this earth, but to qualify as a ‘soul mate’ you have to be part of the only-romantically-involved-pairs-allowed club? That just doesn’t sit right with me.

There are souls on this planet, human and otherwise, that I have connected with on a profound level. Sometimes, in really inexplicable ways. Some of which I have known since childhood, others that have been fleeting meetings somewhere obscure and unexpected, and some have been developing over a long, long time. Regardless, the chemistry has been right and our souls dance happily around each other. I’m not talking romantically or sexually either- I’m talking about those deeper-than-skin encounters, those energetic instances that have changed you, for the better, forever.

When I think of my own soul mates, I am lucky, because I cannot count them all on my two hands. There are magical people in my life that energise my soul in different ways at different times. They teach me things, expand my horizons, fill me with joy and laughter, give me support and are people I would do anything for. Bearing in mind, some of these people I have only met once in my entire life.

Then there’s my dog. The sweetest, most gentle soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is another soul mate of mine; how can he not be? How can humans love their pets so, so much if there wasn’t a deeper connection between spirits or souls somewhere along the line?

I have been in love too. Deep, unconditional, blissful love. Are we still together? No. Is that person still one of my soul mates? Yes. Because the connection is real, and the changes to my life are very real. There is nothing there but love and gratitude.

Maybe I am just extremely lucky, to have more than one person in my life that elevates me beyond happiness. Or maybe my love knows no bounds and I can connect with any soul on this planet, in the right circumstances. Or maybe I need to throw away my chosen vocabulary, stop trying to categorise and just go with the feelings instead. They’re the only thing that’s real after all.


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