The Key Ingredient to Waking Up Happy

I used to wake up every day with a groan and an internal exasperated noooo.

Even when the alarm wasn’t going off on a week day, I would relish lying in bed on the weekend whilst simultaneously battling the tremendous guilt of feeling lazy and not making the most of the day. I just never felt ready to leave my bed, as if nothing in that day was worth rising for.

Some days were different of course, and on those odd occasions when I would throw off the covers and spring into the day ahead, I was more surprised than anyone else.

But that was in the past. When I used to lie in bed each night and think about all the things I should have done that week, or needed to do tomorrow. Or I worried about hypothetical situations that were unlikely to ever happen – they swirled around my mind like toxic gas. Having analytical brains obviously give us an immense advantage to our species- however using these needlessly before bed only leads to less sleep and more stress.

Was it really wise of me to be doing this right before bed? Right before handing over the reins to my sub-conscious mind to run free around the confines of my brain. I wasn’t even handing over the reins, I was shoving them away- charged with negativity and anxiety.

And so, predictably, I would wake up sometimes sad, sometimes exhausted, sometimes anxious, sometimes just okay. My sub-conscious obviously didn’t appreciate being greeted with negativity and this in turn would result in bad dreams, or even if I didn’t remember them, and underlying uneasiness… like I knew something bad had happened that night, I just couldn’t remember what.

And that’s not a great way to start any day. So, what is the key ingredient? It starts the night before.

An idea was introduced to me, through a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. And the idea was, each night before going to sleep, think of the best thing that happened that day- and express as much gratitude as you can muster for that event.

The amazing thing I found was, that as I was analysing my day, most days I couldn’t choose the ‘best’! So many good things happened to me throughout the day, it made choosing a particular highlight a real issue. Which is obviously great, all of a sudden, I was going to sleep feeling truly blessed for my life.

And nine times out of ten, I would wake up without the dread or the sadness. Quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, most days I still cling on to my covers- but I do it with a smile on my face and I think of it like a big, cosy hug and stretch before I get my feet on the ground to start the day ahead.

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