The ultimate meditation hack

Everyone that knows me, also knows, that despite my best intentions and efforts… I am not a morning person. It is an aspect of myself that I had almost accepted as an absolute truth. But recently, I have made a small change to my routine with amazing results. Let me explain…

If you are like me, meditation is as appealing as ever but with a wonderfully busy life, sometimes it does get shelved. I know, I know- I need to practice what I preach, especially as I harp on about the benefits so much. So with that in mind, here’s what I did; I utilised that time in the morning when I am no good to anybody, i.e the time between the first alarm and the 3rd snooze by downloading a 15 minute guided meditation on my mobile, designed for the morning, and I set it to play after my alarm.

Game changer! I have never had so many good days in a row in my entire life! I’ve been riding this high ever since I started doing it, everything seems to be going my way and I can’t help but attract more amazing and positive experiences.

The meditation game is changing my friends, it’s no longer about clearing your mind, those days are in the past. New meditation is about using the amazing, limitless capabilities of our brains to make breakthroughs on every level. It is for this reason, I chose Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 phase meditation for my morning. Not only are we closer to the alpha brainwave when we first wake up (don’t worry about the technicalities, this is just the brainwave you want to be on to meditate- trust me), but we are also more likely to be fully relaxed and less distracted.

The six phases go like this

1: Compassion: you may remember a little blog post I did a while back to instantly fill your heart with joy and find wonder again. It is simply this mental exercise on a mini scale.

2: Gratitude: ah my favourite. In this phase, you express 3 things in your personal life you are grateful for, 3 things in your work life you are grateful for, and 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for. (Great way to start the day off in a positive, self-loving mood by the way).

3: Forgiveness: You bring to mind someone who you feel the need to forgive. Holding on to negative energy (a grudge) can have serious damage to your wellbeing… like trying to burn someone else but you are holding the hot coal. The meditation guides you to releasing the metaphorical ‘hot coal’

4: Future vision: This part is great. It’s a visualisation of what you want in your life 3 years from now. You can go wild, dream big and feel the excitement for your vision.

 5: The perfect day: Another visualisation, but of your day ahead. You imagine every section of your day going perfectly, and ending your day feeling completely fulfilled and ready for a great night’s sleep.

6: The blessing: This is when you feel the universe supporting you. A simple exercise that fills you with light and lightness, ready to face the day knowing you have the universe on your side.

And that’s it! Just 15 minutes!

If this sounds like something you could get on board with, and change your life for the good leave a comment with your questions and I will share the light, love and knowledge my friends.

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