Another happiness secret sussed

Having been keeping a very close eye on my emotions this year, and learning as much as possible about energy healing, mindfulness and all other holistic ways of remaining emotionally afloat, if not soaring…

A very profound realisation has come to me. And perhaps you know this already, or perhaps you know this but have not actually thought about it and brought it forward into action in your life. And the secret is this: have something to look forward to.

That’s it. As simple as that. I’m sure I’m in the same position as most people when I say this, but when I don’t have something to look forward to it’s an actual drain on my energy. Even in the bountiful country of New Zealand, where I am living and working, I realised when I didn’t have something planned in the near future that got me absolutely pumped, I’d dip in energy for everything else.

Interesting huh?

This is something I’ll be working on from now on, making sure that each week I have something ahead to look forward to and I hope you do the same.

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