3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Granted, I didn’t follow the rules because I didn’t post consecutively- however in my defence I was in the middle of emigrating again yesterday – that’s a post for another day.

Quote #2:


-Dan Zadra

If, like me, you have made certain spiritual discoveries and realised that you are in fact the creator of your own universe (there is no such thing as coincidence), this is a really important quote to remember.

When you worry, you project vibrations of negativity and anxiousness into the universe, and as above, so below – that is exactly what comes back to you.

You have the capability to use your imagination to create and manifest whatever you choose, so to worry is a silly way to use this power, right? It takes practice and focus to keep your thoughts in check as to only invite into your life what you truly desire. This is also why meditation is such a useful every day practice and a good place to start.

So creators, pay attention today to your thoughts, project only the highest frequency and most positive affirmations and watch your life change.




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