An important message for everyone in my life

Recently, I have begun a new habit.

You see, I walk at least 30 minutes a day… not by choice (I live in the arse-end of nowhere), but I’ve started to fill this time with one of my favourite activities; learning.

In particular, I listen to educational and inspirational podcasts. There are thousands, probably millions, of podcasts out there to listen to and one podcast in particular last week inspired me to write this.

Maybe you’ve heard of this lady already. Her name is Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, and she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s podcast Super Soul Conversations. Her story is amazing, I thoroughly recommend looking into her, but in a nutshell she is a brain scientist and she experienced a stroke. Her own description of this is absolutely hilarious because rather than the usual human reaction of ‘shit, I’m having a stroke’ her reaction was ‘Oh my God, this is so damn cool, I am a brain scientist getting a first-hand look at WTF is going on when you have a stroke’.

Well worth a listen to.

But the most striking part of her story for me was the aftermath of her stroke, while she was recovering in the hospital. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had the exact same feeling after my own accident… I had never thought about articulating it… until now. It is such an important message.

And the message is this:


I was totally drained in hospital. I was recovering from a spinal injury, and I can 100% agree with Dr Jill in saying hospitals are the absolute worst places to be for healing. Each person that entered my room was either a drain or a charger. You either drain my energy or you charge my battery. But this doesn’t just apply to a hospital. This is every single day. I was just more aware of it in hospital because my energy reserves were so precariously low I was majorly aware that I needed to conserve some. Like a sprinkler ban when there’s a draught. Every drop counts.

So my message is this. Be the energy you want to attract. If you go to work feeling like a sack of potatoes, the day will drag, things will go wrong, people will annoy you, you will annoy other people.

If you go to work today being the energy source for others, because you yourself are overflowing with it, you can only bring people up to your level. A better day for everyone.

Be the charger, don’t be the drain.

Let me know how it goes people!

One thought on “An important message for everyone in my life

  1. I love what you said about “be the charger, don’t be the drain.” That’s a really great perspective. It’s a motivator to help people, lift them up and bring them good energy.

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