Something ‘insignificant’ I did 4 years ago is having a huge impact on my life right now

Four years ago, I can’t remember what was going through my head, but I sat down and I did a mind map titled ‘My Passions’.

Don’t ask me why, but I obviously wanted my passions to be documented on a physical piece of paper as opposed to abstractly in my mind…  with little illustrative diagrams to boot.

The mind map included things like ‘my dog’, ‘snowboarding’, ‘creative stuff like drawing’, ‘travel’, ‘teaching’, nothing really connecting them all together (except for the essence of me of course).

But I think it set my mind into absolute overdrive on the quiet. Subconsciously, because these things were now in the physical realm, my brain started trying to connect the dots.

There are some really lucky people in the world that like to advocate the idea that ‘if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life,’ and I guess my brain wanted that for me. So, away it went into the background and occasionally would throw a ball over the fence with ideas like ‘What about teaching snowboarding?’ Hm. I don’t think my knees could cope. ‘What about writing a book?’. Well, that sounds like hard work. ‘What about being an artist?’. Gosh, do artists actually make a living these days?

Basically, I kept throwing the ball back. Nothing was quite right.  And you definitely know when things are right, because they get your spidey senses tingling. I don’t know what else to call them. But all of a sudden, things start clicking. You’re scared but excited, it sounds like hard work but it’s hard work you’re definitely willing to do.

And it happened to me, and I’m proud to say this year I am starting my own business. I will be designing and producing base layers and accessories for female snowboarders and skiers. This might sound completely underwhelming to you but my gosh has it set a fire under my arse. It combines all the things I love doing, and if it becomes a success it means I can promote it globally. And if I can get to that point, which is absolutely my ambition, I can make a real, measurable, positive change to this beautiful home we call earth.

Things are moving super quickly, and if you’re keen to follow the story I suggest you follow my Instagram page @emmpire92 for all of the updates- especially if you’re into snowsports too!

I’m really excited for this new adventure, and the more support I can get the better.

You have my sincere gratitude in advance, as always.

Much love, E x

2 thoughts on “Something ‘insignificant’ I did 4 years ago is having a huge impact on my life right now

  1. How cool is that!! Congrats on following this passion, and good luck. Making something real and measurable feels great. Running your own business is definitely the way to go! It’s hard work, lots of late nights, ups and downs with emotions…but in the end, it’s worth it. 🙂

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