The reality of starting your own business

Remember that blog post I wrote back in August about starting my own business? No? Well, for reference you can read it here.

If you do remember, or if you’ve just returned from checking out that link… the news is this…

You guys, I only went and bloody did it!

I took the ‘build your empire’ phrase quite literally and created Emmpire 92. The name is a little play on words with my name but primarily a lot of saving money on domains.

I’m not going to lie. The initial motivation came from a complete-and-utter-gutsful of working my ass off to make other people’s dream a reality. Isn’t it funny how some of the most stressful times in your life can lead to absolute life-changing epiphanies?

In summary- I drew the designs, sent the surveys, finalised the product, made a prototype, got the tech pack, found a manufacturer and spent a lot of money…

Here is my beautiful cousin in the final designs:


What do you think?

It has been an up-and-down few months. Many, many hours (so much more than I thought) have been spent on my laptop to get the thing off the ground. I had visions of everything being so easy and revealed to me in almost a divine manner because, you know, I was following my heart and all that. Wrong. It was closer to fumbling around in numerous dark rooms, stroking the wall up and down trying to find the light switch. Sometimes it’s really obvious and intuitive where the light switches are. More often than not though they’d be at an odd height, upside-down, in the least likely corner.

For example, those adverts that claim you can have a really cool, fully secure, functional website up and running in an hour and you can even do it on your phone… I call bullshit.

Speaking of which though here is mine:

You’ll see that for one, it looks ok, and secondly, it works. You must be as surprised as I am.

I’m getting the hang of it now though. It was the worst part about this whole thing, but all of a sudden, when the sales are actually coming through… it seems pretty exciting now.

The product arrived in December. Too late for the Christmas sales (dangit) and the reality is I still live with my parents, my childhood room is now a bedroom-office-studio-stock room as you can see in the main pic. But that’s okay. I’ll repay them one day with their own mansion.

If you are interested in a detailed process of starting your own clothing brand, leave me a comment. I’ll write it all up for you.

In the meantime, I have to go blow my own trumpet on social media and thank my lucky stars for the precious people I have around me helping this dream become a reality. Oh and here’s 15% off just for reading 🙂

women's base layer 15% off

One thought on “The reality of starting your own business

  1. That’s amazing, girl!! CONGRATS on launching your business! It’s tough, and it’s hard work. But it’s so worth it! It looks like you’ve really got some great projects going on. You’re right – the whole website thing takes FOREVER. Once the sales roll in, that makes it all worth it. Thanks for sharing your experience, and good luck with your business! 🙂


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