Hey there, nice to meet you, welcome to my blog!
I find these ‘about’ things really hard to write, so bear with me.

In the simplest of terms, I created ‘One Grateful Thought’ because at a time in my life where oblivion seemed imminent, gratitude and thankfulness dragged me from the clutches of doom into the glorious world I failed to appreciate every day before. Did that sound dramatic? It did, didn’t it.

This is as much of a therapy for me as an inspiration (I hope) for you. I will share my gratitude, dreams and happiness with you and I encourage you to share right back. Happiness and inner-peace come from a deep feeling of appreciation so let’s get ‘preciating!

In keeping with the theme of this blog, THANK YOU for having a little poke around. If you need something to get you started here is a link to my first post.
Much love,