Good, bad, who knows

Do you wonder why you are unhappy? This simple story will help you realise why.


Take back control of your life

You have a choice, when it comes to every obstacle you face in your life. You have a choice about how you feel about situations and how you react to them (I will explain the significance of this choice later on). These choices are often based on the mental models that you have accumulated throughout…… Continue reading Take back control of your life

Travel: Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

A little different to usual, here’s how I saw sea lions and other wildlife for free in NZ. Manifesting works!

Life Hack: Exercise for lazy people (or people with no time)

If you have a spare 8 minutes in your entire day then you can get the same health benefits as a 45 minute aerobic workout. Here’s how …

Pay the farmers now, not the doctors later

I am so done with playing by someone else’s rules. It’s time to take responsibility people. Responsibility for what we are shovelling into our gaping mouths every day. I am as guilty of this as anyone- eating food that doesn’t even resemble food anymore (I am so partial to a bourbon biscuit it’s unreal). We…… Continue reading Pay the farmers now, not the doctors later