The Most Powerful Words in Our Vocabulary

The most powerful words are sometimes the hardest to say out loud.


Key Life Lesson

Change is inevitable. It’s a simple fact of life. But instead of fearing it, I’m embracing it. Security is a lie I used to tell myself to ward off the fear that comes with change. Everything in my life was ‘secure’ (it wasn’t). Even job security is a myth- you could lose your job at…… Continue reading Key Life Lesson

Question Time

Today I am switching up the questions that I ask the universe. You probably think I am completely nuts for talking to the universe… but I bet you do too. You may not even be aware that the universe is listening to you, but it is. (Okay, now you think I’m nuts for sure, but…… Continue reading Question Time

Gratitude Challenge #2

One of the easiest things in life to be grateful for (and probably one of the easiest thing in our lives to take for granted) is food. Glorious food, in all its deliciousness, gives our bodies the fuel to survive, repair and grow without a single conscious thought. Most of us have it in abundance.…… Continue reading Gratitude Challenge #2

#transformationTuesday & things

Tuesdays used to be my least favourite day of the week. Doing the 9-5 grind- it was a bit of a ‘nothing day’ and nowhere near the Friday finishing line. Nowadays I’m not wishing away my life and very much attempting to live in the present moment and appreciate the fact that every morning I…… Continue reading #transformationTuesday & things

How to yoga, when you think you can’t

Okay, so you don’t drink herbal tea or devote yourself to veganism whilst throwing your supple limbs around like a graceful gazelle. That doesn’t mean you don’t fit the ‘yoga mould’ because truth is, there is no yoga mould. I don’t fit this preconception of what yoga ladies ‘should’ be. I’m not the slender body…… Continue reading How to yoga, when you think you can’t