Meditation for Beginners

It’s not all about ‘ohm’ing and ‘ah’ing. It doesn’t have to be superficial… in fact it can be pretty easy. This is how I started…

This 30 second experiment will change your life

It takes just 30 seconds to change the way you think and begin to change your life for the better instantly.

How to resolve an argument before it even happens

If you are always arguing with yout significant other, finding yourself in conflict at work all the time, or seem to be having heated discussions with just about anybody… here is how to resolve those issues before they even start.

I know why you are unhappy

The soul exists. You can tsk and scoff at me all you like but it does exist. It is the navigator of your feelings, did you know that? When your soul’s purpose and the rest of you are in sync, you radiate happiness and fulfilment. When you’re not listening to those subtle, internal feelings and…… Continue reading I know why you are unhappy

Getting rid of a headache- without pills.

This morning I woke up with a headache. My first instinct was to curl right back under my blanket and hope that it would go away. But with all the reading I’ve been doing recently about energy flow (bear with me) and how our bodies give us pain when we’re holding on to certain emotions…… Continue reading Getting rid of a headache- without pills.