6 Ways To Beat a Bad Mood

Despite living an exceptionally fortunate life, I can sometimes still let bad thoughts take over the reins of my mind and ride my thoughts into a downward spiral. But recently, in an effort to stay on the lighter, more mindful side of life, I have figured out ways to instantly change my mood from negative…… Continue reading 6 Ways To Beat a Bad Mood

Every Day is Mother’s Day

My mother is a saint. I will be the first to admit I have taken her for granted in the past, but for the majority of my adulthood I’ve taken a more mature stance (I hope). Today, on the first day of her annual leave and just a day before she’s off for a well-deserved…… Continue reading Every Day is Mother’s Day

Gratitude Challenge #3 – MONEY!

Stop feeling bad about money. Money is great, let’s be honest. When we have it, we are happy, when we spend it, we are happy – yet for some reason the entire concept of money has been tarnished with negativity. You have likely heard phrases along the lines of ‘rich people are greedy’ or ‘money…… Continue reading Gratitude Challenge #3 – MONEY!

How to stop feeling overwhelmed

So, right now life seems to be moving at 100mph (or km/h for my metric friends). Big changes are on the horizon and just a few days ago I was trying to mentally organise the increasing number of things ‘to do’ and miserably failing. Very quickly I was experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed like cresting…… Continue reading How to stop feeling overwhelmed

Making Money from Mess

Hey, so remember when I said stuff is just stuff and I vowed to start living a more simplistic lifestyle? Well, that’s going really well. In fact, I am finding it so easy to empty my room of the materialistic stuff I would have once placed a lot of egotistical value onto I’m going to…… Continue reading Making Money from Mess

Getting rid of a headache- without pills.

This morning I woke up with a headache. My first instinct was to curl right back under my blanket and hope that it would go away. But with all the reading I’ve been doing recently about energy flow (bear with me) and how our bodies give us pain when we’re holding on to certain emotions…… Continue reading Getting rid of a headache- without pills.

Key Life Lesson

Change is inevitable. It’s a simple fact of life. But instead of fearing it, I’m embracing it. Security is a lie I used to tell myself to ward off the fear that comes with change. Everything in my life was ‘secure’ (it wasn’t). Even job security is a myth- you could lose your job at…… Continue reading Key Life Lesson