The reality of starting your own business

Remember that blog post I wrote back in August about starting my own business? No? Well, for reference you can read it here. If you do remember, or if you’ve just returned from checking out that link… the news is this… You guys, I only went and bloody did it! I took the ‘build your…… Continue reading The reality of starting your own business

Living in a van and being unemployed was the best experience of my life

What could be some people’s worst nightmare was my favourite way of life to date.

Another happiness secret sussed

Having been keeping a very close eye on my emotions this year, and learning as much as possible about energy healing, mindfulness and all other holistic ways of remaining emotionally afloat, if not soaring… A very profound realisation has come to me. And perhaps you know this already, or perhaps you know this but have…… Continue reading Another happiness secret sussed

When things don’t go to plan…

Yesterday my plans were scuppered. There were mounds of fresh snow on the mountain and despite it being my day off I couldn’t make it up there. Usually the roads are cleared pretty sharpish after a dump of snow, but the storm kept giving and my little two-wheeled drive wouldn’t have made it very far…… Continue reading When things don’t go to plan…