When things don’t go to plan…

Yesterday my plans were scuppered.

There were mounds of fresh snow on the mountain and despite it being my day off I couldn’t make it up there. Usually the roads are cleared pretty sharpish after a dump of snow, but the storm kept giving and my little two-wheeled drive wouldn’t have made it very far on the twisting roads to my personal slice of heaven.

And so, I was left twiddling my thumbs, with a massive onset of FOMO (fear of missing out), looking over at my snowboard longingly, which was waiting patiently to be taken for a ride.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one.

A good friend of mine, based around an hour’s drive from me, was also in this predicament – but rather than meeting on the mountain, we met half way on the non-mountainous road instead.

I brought the savouries and tea, she brought the home-made brownies and portable stove, and we spent an afternoon in her beloved van next to the gorgeous Lake Dunstan, and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time. It was a grey ol’ day, but even so, the views were easily appreciated. We spent a good few hours in that little van, eating, laughing, even drawing murals on the ceiling and generally filling our little souls with sunshine, even if there was none outside.

We checked the webcams on the mountain, and you couldn’t see a thing anyway, and so we both agreed even if we could have made it up there, we probably had a more enjoyable afternoon on the waterfront anyway.

This is a very good example of not labelling things good or bad (like I’ve mentioned in this post before), because what often can seem disastrous, can turn into an afternoon well spent indeed!

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